The family grows

PR is not an easy business and sometimes it takes soooo long to make things flow. As Beauty and Cosmetic scouters, we are always in touch with new an interesting brands from Germany and abroad, and two years ago we got to know Mádara, an organic skincare brand from Latvia. After meeting them at some fairs we got in touch with and they even took part in our Discoveries Live.

Our cooperation became increasingly productive, and we loved their appeal, their 100% products, the fact that is female-lead company with an innovative management style as they take part in each stage of the production chain of their products, research, marketing… That’s why Madara has become one of leading Baltic companies nowadays and have received so many awards.


Nowadays, when we are always trying to be different in this globalised world where Zara is present in 88 countries or L’Oreal products are distributed all over the globe, it’s encouraging that little dreams become big, and new alternatives are getting to find their place among the big ones. And that’s why we are pleased to announce that from now on, we are working hand in hand with Màdara to make them even bigger without losing their essence.

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