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Business models are changing, and so the relationship between client and company, as it’s increasingly common to find companies offering the clients exclusive and unforgettable experiences. Some months ago I talked on this blog about the biggest L’Oreal boutique in southern Europe which opened in Madrid soon this year and today I’m talking you about the spots Mádara recently opened in Helsinki and Riga.


Pop-up concept store in Helsinki

Finland was one of the first countries to take advantage of Mádara high quality products. In fact, some of Mádara’s products have their origin in this country, and Lappland’s weather and conditions have been a challenge to develop them.


After many years following the idea, the Mádara team finally opened their first pop-up store on the 1st floor of the Kauppakeskus City Centre, a new place for the Finnish customers to meet and discover the story of the brand in full measure.

Pop Up Concept Store in Helsinki

One of the reasons why they chose Finland is because Mádara is one the most recognisable brands in the segment of natural cosmetics in this country.

Mádara Pop Up Store in Helsinki

New concept store salon SKIN CAFE

But Mádara also had some plans for their home country. A concept store-salon has recently been opened in Riga, the capital of Latvia.


It is located on the first floor of the central fashion trade center „Galerija Centrs“ making it the first store in Latvia where certified organic cosmetics can be bought, along with a beauty salon offering beauty treatments.


The name of this special location is SKIN CAFE, a conceptual continuation of the campaign FEED YOUR SKIN. As we all know, skin is our largest organ and absorbs up to 60% of everything that it’s offered. Then why not feed it with just as valuable nutrients?

So where would you prefer to have a meal, at McDonalds or a high quality food restaurant?


The SKIN CAFE provides all the primarily necessary beauty treatment procedures using Mádara products. The price range oft he beauty treatment procedures is from 18 EUR to 46 EUR.


 Now you have another reason to visit the capital of Latvia! and if not…

 Try Sears

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