Our day at the Light+Building Fair!

I wasn’t expected to sell Airbus aircrafts to the Saudi king and I didnt wanna sell my succesful start-up to Mr. Zuckerberg in his Silicon Valley office either, instead I visited the Light + Building Fair in Frankfurt held once every two years.

After a chaotic and breath-taking encounter with my boss at the Düsseldorf main station (thank you Deutsche Bahn), we finally headed up together to the economic heart of the continent, and after two more trains and running a little bit, we reached the Frankfurt International Fair.

This fair is the worldwide leading architecture, technology and lightning, reuniting this year more than 2400 exhibitors from all over the globe.

Among the different exhibitions there, there’s a space for young designers, a smart power building which shows how the future homes will be like in a sustainable way. Building Performance offers the specialised visitors the chance to transmit and share their knowledge on lighting and building technologies trough debates, seminaries and conferences.

But my favourite part was the decorative and design lighting hall, with all the new tendencies, and all of those cool and weird lamps.

Here I had the chance to meet personally, Aneet van Egmond (BrandvanEgmond). She is a Dutch designer who’s celebrating this year its 25th birthday in this business. She started designing lamps in a garage back in the 80s, and now her handmade masterpieces can be found in stores, restaurants and hotels in places like New York, Kuwait, Singapore and Ibiza. Each one of her creations has lots of details that make it special and exclusive.




Spain was also present in Frankfurt, in fact one of the lamps awarded with the Design Plus Prize, Wireflow, is manufactured by the catalan brand VIBIA. This lamp is made with the material that also serve to produce the Iphone, and you can display in a thousand different ways! LFZ is a Valencian brand that uses wood to create vintage but modern lamps, as you can see in the pictures they are just awesome.



French LED light bars, Italian animal-shaped lamps, velvet old-style Dutch lamps and 3 meter high lamps made in our lovely Krefeld are just some of the discoveries we made this week.

Next stop… Milano!

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