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Today it’s blogging day and I was planning to talk again about some cool discoveries or fragances but no, today I want something more lifestyle-themed.

Since I was a child my parents brought me with them to a lot of places… holidays in San Sebastián and Algarve, Christmas and New Year in Andorra, summers in the Northamerica to improve my English skills… Venezuela, Egypt, Greece. I can say I have cool parents at least in that way.

While growing up I just felt that I wanted more and more, so I managed to travel with friends trough Europe, Erasmus in Germany (best time in my life actually), Baltic countries, my beloved Turkey, Israel… For 2014 I wanted something huge, something more special, and suddenly I saw myself booking a flight to India, where will spend 5 weeks by the end of this summer.
My parents asked me if I was crazy, so did some of my best friends… There are still 80 days left for my Indian trip and I feel overexcited and stressed at the same time!

I can’t stop reading articles about the country, the culture, the food, tips on backpacking, information about the vaccinations needed, visa, train cards and a huge ETC. In addition, after watching some pictures from different locations all over the country, my face turns to be a huge w-t-f. I think that I’ll be completely shocked from the moment I get off the plane at New Delhi airport.

And my question is… will I include some Indian destinations among my top favourite cities? It’s actually complicated, here’s a short ranking!


I was planning my eventual trip to Israel for almost 2 years because I felt really attracted to this Middle East city which is now regarded as one of the touristic hotspots of this region, and also one of the financial centers of the Middle East. TLV has nothing special like a huge landmark recognisable everywhere, but they have a really specific lifestyle because of its location between Europe and the Middle Eastern countries.
As a traveller I confess that I was sometimes annoyed by all their security measures. buy the city markets, the Bauhaus architecture (TLV is often called the white city), the fresh juices by the street and the long beaches make worth the visit!



Loving New York is really mainstream. It’s everywhere, paintings, pictures, movies, books… that’S why the Big Apple could easily be considered the capital of the World, and it’s probably the most breathtaking city ever built.
I’ve had the chance to be there twice (and I hope many more to come). First when I was just 15 years and I couldn’t take my eyes off all of those huge buildings and skyscrapers. I came back last Christmas, again with my family, and I paid more attention to every detail, person or behavior.
I just couldn’t decide what I like the most about NY. I love walking by all those worldwide-known avenues, burn my wallet and buy absolutely EVERYTHING and freak out with all the weird people and things that you can find in every corner of the city.


Europe? Asia? Middle East? There’s not a certain opinion about the Bosphorus city, but it’s the most magical and astonishing city on this list.

Open to the sea, full of those wonderful mosques, cafés, tasty food in every corner, Hagia Sophia, the Great Bazaar, and increasingly cultural offer and the charm of the local people are just some reasons why Istanbul is a unique city.


I visit Berlin everytime I have some time (and money). Former Berlin major once said that the German capital is poor but sexy… and I couldn’t agree more!

One of the things I like the most about Berlin is its capacity to surprise me, it’s in fact a huge city and that means that I discover new places and hoods every time I come back. I still have a lot to discover since I have the feeling that I’ll end up living there some time before moving back to my #1 city…
Getting lost in Kreuzberg, enjoying the best kebabs in the world, best nightlife in the continent (along with Madrid), and of course that hipster vibe that you just can’t find anywhere else… Berlin is very special.


Really Eloy? Madrid again? really?


*all pictures by @elohobbes

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