Not another static exhibition

Taking advantage of the incredible weather that we’re having these days in Northrhine-Westfalia, I managed to sleep, eat, and eat more visit the Piene Exhibition Light and Air at the Tadao Andos Museum / Langenfoundation near Dusseldorf.


It wasn’t the usual exhibition where you have to go looking every work and then you end up fighting with all the other visitors trying to be the first to leave the hall. This was in fact and amazing experience, seeing that big inflatable sculptures moving like fragile objects up and down.


The colors and forms are constantly changing with different lights and intensity of air pressure, leaving you with an impression of a living environment.

There is another room where Piene, the creator of this “inflatable“ magic, plays with the effect of light on a wall. The visual is completely changing like rotating elements spreading light!
It’s really a worthwhile visit!
In another dark room Piene plays with the effect of light on a wall. The optik  is constantly changing as rotating  rotating elements that send light to
It is really wothwhile to go and see….

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