My days at IMM Cologne

The fair started with the A&W award party for Werner Aisslinger, Winner 2014.


The design magazine chose him this year because of his ability to work with different materials and also in many different fields like furniture, technical equipment, mobile cabins to live in and interior decoration for hotels. I like him because of his experimental work with new techniques to introduce nature into everyday life. His new project is the 25 Hours Bikini, a hotel just opposite the Gedächtniskirche in Berlin. Soft opening is now, the official opening in spring. I will try to go there on my next trip to Berlin. A&W Designer des Jahres

Among all the new ideas and products on the fair, here my very personal choice of some things I fell in love with:


Woodnotes surprised me with the new variation of WHISPER. A system that has been developed to absorb noise and which can be adapted to any room and requirement. WHISPER 2014 comes up with two loudspeakers that are covered by the usual material, paper yarn. The sound is brilliant and the look is beautiful. Instead of high tech equipment that looks impressive but cold, nice and warm atmosphere for a room. It is a great alternative if you like soft decoration. www.

Another personal choice is VIA, a company that produces tiles of cement with old decors. Since last years they enlarged their program with a beautiful range of colors made chalk. They can be used for walls, furniture but also for other creative work. I will try them for the wall in my house.


Louise CampbellLouise

Walking around I went into the house project of Louise Campbell. She did a wonderful installation of two parts of a house, on male and one female part-overlapping interior. She chose a lot of Scandinavian designers for the interior decoration. The center of the female part of the room was a big long cozy bed to rest. Her lamps gave a warm and soft light to the whole interior and suddenly, you feel out of time. Outside the place was covered by different panels of wood and green plants. A very natural environment, tempting to find out more!

UPAnother discovery was Universo Positivo, a new furniture brand from Belgium that combines the traditional oak-wood with colorful metal. Young, fresh, functional and new design, developed by six international designers. Puts you in a good mood immediately.

I like it because it comes up with new ideas in a nice range of products and the name couldn’t be any better….

I also liked a lot the young designers from different schools in Germany, who had the opportunity to show their prototypes. IMM D3 contest – Have a look yourself:

I feel that the fair was more dynamic and international this year and visitors and exhibitors seemed to be very satisfied!

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