L’Oreal heading to the South

Well, it’s obvious that something ’spanish’ is happening to Pentacom. Posts about Spanish furniture brands, contemporary art fairs in Madrid… and even my boss enjoys jamón ibérico and wants to visit my beloved city someday soon.

After almost 11 months living in NRW, I’m so thrilled everytime I put my feet at DUS airport heading to my hometown and that’s always a bit stressful because I have to meet friends, spend some time with the family and of course walk following the city lights.


During one of this walks I found out that the world’s largest cosmetics brand L’Oreal, has just opened a flagship store just in the heart of Madrid. This local is the first in Spain and Southern Europe, (and the third in the continent after Oslo and Stockholm) following the trend of big brands opening their own stores without intermediaries, something not so typical in Spain.

L'Oreal Madrid

With this opening, the french brand makes a step forward in the Spanish market, where the cosmetics industry had a turnover of 800 million € in 2013, so we can say Spanish women love to look pretty and charming (or maybe they are just ugly).

Loreal 2

Covering 100 sq. meters, the local offers a Lip bar, a Cleansing bar, an Eye bar (first in Europe), avant premieres of novelties and 7 beauty advisors giving tutorials and providing the customers with the best tips!


In its facilities, you can also find a Skincare area, a Haircare area and all the accesories and ranges of the french brand!

Photos by: www.vogue.es & @elohobbes

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