Dear all,

Time is flying and I’ll have to say goodbye…

Looking for new professional and personal challenges, I’ve decided to leave Germany. From now on, I’ll put into practice and extend my marketing skills at Ailola Lingua in Ecuador.

What can I say? I feel a bit melancholy. It was a pleasure working with you. You are a great team with extraordinary ideas and plenty of humor. I’ve been comfortable from the first day – thanks a lot for that! – and I wouldn’t have thought that I’d stay here for only such a short period. But sometimes, life has different plans for you. I’m looking forward to my new assignment and will make sure to keep you up-to-date.

1492803_10203076710857688_2126789656_nI’m really glad that I don’t have to cut off all contact. I am still going to support the agency in the field of social media and I will try to write frequent contents for our blog. But unfortunately I won’t be available as your contact person on site.
For this purpose, I ‘d like to say goodbye for the moment and to seize the opportunity to present Lisa-Katharina Wellner to you. Although we’ve only had a few days working together at the agency, I’m convinced that she fits in perfectly and will enrich the agency in every way. I’m very glad I’ve still had the chance to meet her.

Thus, I’ll remain with mixed feelings and hoping to see you again soon. I will surely miss you.

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Luna Koehn

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