En passant…

Of all the fairs held each year at the Frankfurt Fair, Ambiente is without question one of the most interesting and assorted events anyone may enjoy. More than 4700 exhibitors from over 80 countries compete annually offering the most innovative and cutting-edge techniques in consumer goods.

open umbrella

After a couple days at Ambiente it’s just impossible to pick just one item, but the one which got us absorted was an atypical umbrella which instead of opening outwards, puts over the wet side and a piece of the structure becomes the umbrella stand. At first it seems something that people need to get used to it, but it’s practical in the end!

closed umbrella

Heading to the south, we made a flying visit to the Madara’s stand at Vivaness, the International Trade Fair for Natural Personal Care in Nürnberg.

Their new colorful soap collection, with 10 different scents, and packaging designed by a latvian young artist, was shown for the first time at any fair in Germany.

Madara Team

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