ARCOmadrid: raising the bet

Ingenuity flourishing in times of crisis is not new, neither that Spain is a land of arts and innovation.

Madrid may be regarded as the most unknown of the big European cities. We don’t have a Big Ben, an Eiffel Tour or a Colosseum. In addition, Madrid is the only big capital of Europe which has never hosted the Olympic Games and Lady Gaga doesn’t include our city in her world tours! On top of this, almost no one knows how cool is the Madrid Fashion Week because it concurs with the London Fashion Week.

Despite all this, there are a couple things the Spanish capital should be proud of, and one of them is ARCO.


The International Fair of Contemporary Art of Madrid ist the biggest art fair in Spain. It was held for the first time in 1982, and that’s not a coincidence since the 80s was a decade of flourishing cultural movements after 40 years of fascist repression. Although it was initially created as a place where the local galleries could meet and share their art, has turned into a indispensable yearly meeting for art lovers from all over the globe.


ARCO is not only an enclosure where more than 200 galleries and artists make their art known the public. Museums, cinemas, concerts, conferences, debates and of course ’fiestas’ put a grain of sand to complement ARCO to make it the most important cultural offer of the year.


Young artists have a special a status, as well as the Spanish and Latin-american artists, but also a guest country. Under the tag #FocusFinland, the nordic country sent works from 13 finnish galleries to share them with the Spanish public. The global economic crisis and the social situation of both countries have been present in many of the works on display.


In short, an interesting cultural offer for every audience, which puts Madrid among the top of the international art circuit.

Next appointment: February 2015

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