Another Discoveries, another success!

Time is ticking sooooooo fast, one day you can be in Delhi suffering 40° (something I’m writing about soon!) or maybe in Kathmandu trying to avoid the crowd, later in Madrid spending time with the ones you love and attending huge pop concerts… and SUDDENLY, back to work.

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We left Dusseldorf on Sunday morning, (working on Sunday is a drama itself, but even more when there’s a train strike in the city and you almost lose the flight,  #unnecesarystress) so that we could be in Munich that after noon. Apart from the typical struggles with logistics, organization, annoying neighbors, we left everything ready for the following day.

The location this time was not as classic as the last one in Hamburg (we felt more hipster this time and hired the coolest photo studio in town for our event), but with our flowers, catering, stunning personality and charm, everyone loved it!


10 exhibitors took part in the event. Germany, France, USA, Netherlands, Sweden and Ireland were present, so Discoveries Live was an international showroom as usual (swerve!).


Right at the reception it was me welcoming attendants and offering drinks and being charming every time my german allowed me (LOL). This time I had my lovely colleague Luna with me, with whom I made some laughs during the whole day.

One of the highlights was the new perfume from Serge Lutens, L’Incendiare which is the first release of the Section d’Or and was shown to the public for first time in Germany! (Released fall this year, enjoy the a-ma-zing spot here)

But there were more perfumes shown there, Le Galion and D.S. & Durga were also there. The first brand showing why after 80 years are still there with their luxury and classic scents and the second elegance with reminiscence to land and sea, the wild west, and the old vikings!

The eternal opposition of new and old it’s always present in the cosmetic industry, thats why we brought the local Wonderstripes. These stripes will make your eyes higher than every time Madonna goes on stage but unlike her, you won’t need liftings or surgery!

Look it up!

Cinq Mondes, Thalion and Omnisens brought the attention of all those lovers of Spa treatment, all of them French and using 100% natural materials. By the other hand, the Swedish Cicamed is recognised for their use of both organic and medical science.

All of the brands were special, but my two personal favorites were Brooke and Shoals, because they are trying to settle in a very complicated segment of the perfume market, which is the perfume candles and they have really cool stuff!, but also Ellis Faas, they may not be one of the big make up international players, but their visuals and they range color… well, it’s something you just can’t see everyday!


I’m already looking forward for the next Discoveries! in the end is really really exhausting… but worth the experience :).

If you wanna know more about them, get some presskits, factsheets with basic info about them, studio pictures or just have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us: or

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